there will be ponies here



my brother finally noticed mlp in our netflix history and made an angry facebook post about it


Mare in the Moon

"I am the Princess of the Night, thus it is my duty to watch over your dreams."

Luna is my favorite pony; mainly because of her association with night, solitude and space! I tried to convey that through this piece; the moon might have been a place of banishment, but I feel it could also be a place of retreat for Luna. Just another quiet night relaxing under the stars. She might be a bit socially awkward, but maybe she just needs people to show her the way.

I took the liberty to give Luna a special “Space-Kid” set of accessories, and made them look like black crystals with cyan highlights. It’s very Tron-esque, but it’s not meant to be electronic. Anyway, it’s a little personal touch.

Now before anyone says “the moon doesn’t work like that”, to that I say “Hah!”

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Флатти нарисовалась #MLP #Fluttershy

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Rainbow Dash get down from there you can’t fly with wings that small.

It’s just been one of those days where I can’t stop drawing! Too bad I have Chinese school tomorrow ughhh.


Here, sassy Rarity.

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maybe I´ll draw the others too (maybe not)

P.S:  I´m currently taking Commissions!


Miss Angelina loves Spike and Rarity from MLP so I thought I’d draw them together in my interpretation of their human form. I’m really into The Outsiders and 1950s greasers right now…so I had to make Rarity a lady greaser protecting her soc boyfriend Spike haha.